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Final Fantasy X-2

Final Fantasy X-2 is one of those games that no matter how much time passes, we always come right back to it. We'd been wanting to do Yuna and Lenne for a long time and finally decided to commit to them. Cosplays like these are really satisfying because they're made identically, which makes it nice to feed off of each others creativity and ideas.

Cosplays created and modeled by Chloe Bailey and Alyssa Albert

Lenne Wig sponsored by Everydaywigs

Yuna Wig from EpicCosplay

Photos by Alyssa Albert and Chloe Bailey

Songstress - 2019

Final Fantasy X was the first Final Fantasy I ever played, and I was immediately drawn to the world of Spira. Yuna is such an amazing character and when X-2 came out I fell in love with all the designs - Chloe

Cosplays made by Chloe Bailey and Alyssa Albert

Modeled by Chloe Bailey, Alyssa Albert, Amber Bailey and Topher Putnam

Photos by Antarctic Storm Photography, Neeko Cosplay Photography, Smiling Bubble Photography and Happy Pause Photography

YRP - 2017

FEmme Jecht - 2016

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