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I think Hela is my favorite MCU villain outside of maybe Loki, looks like it runs in the family. She's so strong and independent and isn't going to let anyone stand in her way, even if that isn't the best thing. This cosplay was sponsored by and looks amazing, I couldn't be happier!

Modeled by Chloe Bailey

Wig sponsored by Everydaywigs

Cosplay sponsored by Cosplaysky

Hela - 2018


Spiderman is hands down Topher's favorite hero but a lot of cosplayers have already done him, so we wanted to try something different and went with a much lesser known version of the Webslinger, the whole costume is thrifted. Black Cat is one of my favorite anti-heroes and I was really just doing it because I had such an awesome Spider to bat around. Her costume was thrifted.

 - Chloe

Black Cat and Quick Change Spiderman - 2015

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