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Breath of the Wild

This cosplay trio was very ambitious as it involved many new techniques we weren't entirely familiar with. Creating Revali and Mipha's heads were especially difficult as they had to be constructed from upholstery foam, cut into shape, patterned and then hand sewn together. However when it was all said and done they turned out beautifully for Shutocon!

Cosplays created by Chloe and Alyssa

Modeled by: Chloe, Alyssa, Topher, and Robin Kish

Photos by Eeza james

Guardian Group - 2018

I've always loved the Gerudo but never felt I could connect with any of them. I love Urbosa. She's such a strong warrior and fierce protector of her princess, it's a sweet relationship.

Cosplay made and modeled by Chloe Bailey

Wig and wig making materials from Arda Wigs

Worbla from

EVA foam from TNTCosplaySupply

Photos by Topher Putnam

Edits by Chloe Bailey and Topher Putnam

Urbosa - 2017

I'd never done anything super formal or royal before Princess Hilda so this was a great project to do something elaborate. I loved the character of Hilda, she was so sad and just wanted to save Lorule that I really couldn't blame her for some of the decisions that she made - Chloe

The Legend of Zelda is a game series that holds a special place in my heart. I was so excited to get to cosplay Zelda! She’s always been the guiding force for Link and in her own right such a strong woman. This was my first time really attempting something meant to look formal. I got to try out a few new techniques on this costumes that I’ve not attempted before, such as making a petticoat, and iron on vinyl application! - Alyssa

Cosplays created by Chloe and Alyssa

Modeled by: Chloe and Alyssa

EVA Foam from TNT Cosplay Supply

Photos by Cerulean Cosplay Photography

Link Between Worlds - 2016

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