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Cyber Love Live

We were invited to be part of a large idol group so we went and found these awesome dresses and got lit!

Cosplays from Aliexpress

Modeled by Chloe Bailey and Alyssa Albert

Photos by Matt Sobo Photography

Rin and Hanayo - 2017

Honoka holds a special in my heart. She formed µ's with her enthusiasm and spirit and took them places they never thought they could go. I really wanted to do this outfit because it was from their last live (at least from the anime) and this song is one of my favorites! - Alyssa

Purchased off Cospicky

Kira Kira Honoka - 2016

This was a costume I bought as a last minute addition to my Ohayocon line up. I am ADDICTED to Love Live! and have used any excuse to wear a new outfit from my 3 best girls! Since it was around the holidays, I decided to grab up one of their Christmas attires!

- Alyssa

Cosplay purchased from CosplaySky

Christmas Nico - 2016

Nico is one of my 3 best girls from Love Live! I actually didn’t like her much when I first started watching the show, but she eventually grew on me. As such, I knew I had to cosplay her!

- Alyssa

Cosplay purchased off Ebay

Nico - 2015

Honoka is my best girl! As such I HAD to cosplay her! This cosplay is super comfortable too and became a great one to wear on the last day of conventions, or just for a day con.

Purchased off Ebay

Honoka - 2015

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