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Miraculous Ladybug

LAdy Wifi - 2019


Queen Bee and Alya - 2018

When Alyssa originally told me that there was a superhero in Paris named Ladybug I imagined something silly and childish, but when I finally gave it a chance I fell in LOVE with the character - Chloe

Marinette was a character I was immediately drawn to! She was someone who sewed, sketched, baked, and not only that but her personality was so relatable to me that I couldn’t help but root for her. This is the most cliché thing I could say, but I see a lot of myself in her, so I knew this would have to be a character I cosplayed

- Alyssa

Cosplays Made by Alyssa Albert and Chloe Bailey

Modeled by Alyssa Albert, Chloe Bailey and Topher Putnam

Wigs from EpicCosplay

Photos by Alyssa Albert, Chloe Bailey, Topher Putnam

Miraculous LAdybug 2016

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