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My Hero Acadamia

The Wild Wild Pussycats are one of our all time favorite super hero groups! When it came time to pick our next projects it wasn't too hard to decide on Pixiebob and Mandalay, their outfits were fun to construct and made us feel like part of a celebration with their bright colors! 

Cosplays created and modeled by Chloe Bailey and Alyssa Albert

Eva foam from TntCosplaySupply

Pixiebob Wig from EpicCosplay

Photos by Alyssa Albert, Chloe Bailey, and Topher Putnam

THe Wild WIld Pussy Cats -  2019

This cosplay was a fun project as it was not one of her main outfits, and was rarely seen in the series, however I think it exemplified how quick thinking she is and how handy her quirk can be.

Cosplays created and modeled by Chloe Bailey

Photos by Alyssa Albert

Hero Camp Momo -  2018

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