Cosplay modeled by Alyssa Albert

Wigs from EpicCosplay

Photos by Chloe Bailey

D.va - 2019

Cosplay made by Chloe Bailey

Modeled by Chloe Bailey 

EVA foam from TntCosplaySupply

Photos by Alyssa Albert

Ana - 2019

When Brigitte first appeared in the Reinhardt cinematic I instantly loved her design. While I'm not very good at playing her in game I definitely have a fondness for her, and especially her original design before she completed her armor!

Cosplay created and modeled by Chloe Bailey

Eva foam from TntCosplaySupply

Wig sponsored by Elfwigs

Photos by Alyssa Albert

BRigitte Lindholm - 2018

Overwatch has definitely taken over our lives and encouraged us to pursue harder and more complex projects. I wasn't sure how everything would turn out until the very end when I got to see it all together. I'm so proud of this cosplay that I will definitely be wearing her as often as the temperature allows. 

Cosplays made by Chloe Bailey

Modeled by Chloe Bailey And Topher Putnam

EVA foam from TntCosplaySupply

Photos by Remcreate and DGN Photography

PHarah and ANa - 2017

McCree - 2017

Widowmaker has such an awesome character design that I was dead set on cosplaying her before I even played the game. Her costume was intense to make as I'd never done such a complicated bodysuit and paint job before, I absolutely adore how she turned out.

Widowmaker - 2017

Cosplay made and modeled by Chloe Bailey

Worbla from CosplaySupplies

Foam from TntCosplaySupply

Wig from Arda wigs

Bodypaint is Mehron Paradise