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          We actually get this question quite a lot, and we're so happy that so many of you would even consider supporting us and our goals! We currently have a couple methods in which you could help fund our projects financially, but don't ever underestimate the power of sharing! One of the biggest things you can do is continue to watch our content and re-post and share our content when it comes out. Show it to your friends and family, maybe even that fellow gamer or cosplayer you're friends with. Every view helps and we cannot express our gratitude enough!

         If you're interested in helping to fund our work one of your options would be to become a channel member through our Youtube channel. Each membership tier comes with perks and monthly exclusive experiences that aren't available to the immediate public. You could also be created as a producer in the credits of some of our more original content like "NPC." It's charged monthly but can be stopped at any time.

         We understand that a monthly membership isn't for everyone. So we have a Ko-Fi for anyone who might prefer a small one time donation. The funds from this go directly into funding the animation and editing process, and will also likely include a lot of coffee! We'll also be sure to shout out all Ko-Fi donations on social media as our way of saying thank you,

For those of you who might want a more involved way to support up, consider subscribing to us on Patreon. There you'll be able to directly support our projects while receiving monthly rewards ranging from cosplay patterns, to charm prototypes and custom art! 

         Another way you can help us to continue to create is by supporting our online store! We have T-shirts, hats, as well as work logs for some of our costumes. Not to mention our uniquely styled cosplay wigs. Every dollar spent supports our small business and helps it continue to grow!

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