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We wanted to do something a little different for these and found good retailers for the kimono uniforms that we couldn't pass up the opportunity!  - Chloe

Cosplays from Aliexpress

Modeled by Chloe Bailey and Alyssa Albert

Photos by Topher Putnam 

Senbonzakura - 2017

This is one of of my favorite Vocaloid songs. It’s so catchy and fun to listen to, so when the chance came to cosplay it with my friend Amanda, I jumped on it!. This outfit was a bit difficult for me to figure out. If I decide to rewear it, I’m definitely adding a zipper into it and taking it in to be more form fitted! Other than that the hood was fun to make, being able to add the little noses to the top, not to mention it helped keep me warm during the winter con I was at!

- Alyssa

1,2,3, Fanclub - 2015

Synchronicity - 2013

Butterfly on your right shoulder


matryoshka - 2012

Rin Kagamine - 2012

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